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Developmental Disabilities Services

Apex is a Developmental Disabilities provider fulfilling the requirements, standards, and regulations for the State of Nebraska. Apex provides both individual supports and community-based residential services for individuals and children eligible and funded through the Department of Developmental Disabilities with DHHS Nebraska. 

Apex strives to provide personalized attention, support and advocacy to the clients we serve, as well as the subcontractors and/or Shared Living Providers ( previously known as EFH). This allows the Shared Living Home to provide exemplary care and attention to the individual in a family friendly and the least restrictive environment. Apex believes that this type of attention and care enhances the success of individual's social, physical, vocational/educational, behavioral, and psychological status. The quality of services and safety of the individuals served through the Department of Developmental Disabilities is one of Apex’s main focuses.

The Apex DD program is based on the following beliefs:

  • Increasing an individual's support system through informal supports creates greater long-term success.
  • Individuals have inherent rights and choices related to their lives. All goals and behavioral support plans should be employed considering the choices of the individual being served.
  • Positive behavioral supports should be used in place of negative consequences and other punitive measures.
  • Individuals should be served in the least restrictive setting while enhancing community inclusion.

It is the role of the individual's placement or home setting as well as any Apex staff providing services to provide a safe, healthy (both physical and emotional) setting that supports the individual in their habilitative and behavioral goals. Individual daily needs and structure should be provided so that the individual progresses in their identified goals. The individual will receive the necessary medical, dental, vision, and mental health prevention or treatment with as little additional disruption to their lives as is possible.


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